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Mission Plumbing is the place to call for Utah plumbing replacements of all kinds in the Provo area and beyond. If a repair just won’t do the job, replacement is often the next logical step. We won’t try to push you, but if replacing something just makes more sense, we will be sure to let you know. If an item can be repaired to last a while longer, we’ll just do that for you. We take pride in our honest, forthright customer service.

One great example is your water heater. Sometimes you might walk in to find water all over the floor. This usually means your water heater has rusted out and needs replacing. But at Mission Plumbing, we’ll be sure to check things out before we go ahead and give you a recommendation for a new unit. We’ve seen situations where heater line replacements will fix the issue without requiring a replacement. This is just one example of how working with an honest plumbing company can save you money. We don’t just jump to a conclusion—we take time to look at everything and address the real problem.


There are many areas that may need work in a bathroom over time. Toilet replacements are common and installing one just right is a skill that we have perfected. Although many homeowners will take on this task themselves, there’s really no substitute for having a professional do the job. We’ll even get the old one out of your way.

We also do tub replacement work. Have an old iron tub in your bathroom that you’d like to swap out for a brand-new jetted model? We can remove the old, heavy one and install the new tub in no time at all. Thinking about changing the pedestal sink to a vanity for more storage? We can help you with that as well. We’ll even come out and put in a new faucet to get rid of the leaky old one you’ve had for years.

We are able to do any and all plumbing replacements in your bathroom, including new shower assemblies, water jets, rain heads, and fancy new tub fixtures. Let us help you get everything just the way you want.


Changing out a boiler is something that typically needs to be done quickly. If and when they fail, they usually do so in the cold weather, and in Utah we don’t do well without our heat! If you have a boiler issue, don’t delay. Contact us immediately and if we can’t fix the problem, we’ll make sure you get a new unit as fast as possible.

Not only can we change out that boiler unit, we are also able to help you size the new one properly. Matching the size of your unit to your living space area ensures your heater runs efficiently and heats your building the way it should.

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