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From water line repairs to sewer line repairs, Mission Plumbing handles a wide range of repair work in the Provo area and beyond. From fixing a simple leaky pipe to in-depth drainage troubleshooting, our expert team is ready to find and fix your issue. Hiring a professional company to do this type of work is so important. If you’re going to invest in your home, you’ll want contractors that know what they’re doing working on the property. An inexperienced plumber can sometimes do more harm than good!

It’s extremely important not to let any kind of leak go on for any period of time. Water leaks can cause a large amount of damage to your home in a fairly short amount of time. In the right conditions, mold can begin growing in just a couple of days. Mold growth is another serious problem you’ll definitely need to address down the line if it occurs. Water can also cause the wood in your framing to rot, weakening the structure of your building.

You can have problems anywhere along the water line that feeds your home. Whether you have a leaky pipe behind the walls, a faucet that doesn’t stop dripping, or an issue with water pressure, we can help you find and fix the issue before things get out of control. Contact us now to get started.


Issues with a sewer line are a real danger. If raw sewage backs up into your home it can expose your family to bacteria, viruses, and even parasites. Sewage should never be inside your living area, and if it is, it’s smart to get it taken care of by a professional. We understand how to safely remove any sewage materials. Rest assured we’ll always handle a sanitary cleanup. Equally as important, we can fix whatever issue caused the backup in the first place.

As with your water line, problems can crop up anywhere along the sewer line. From collapsed pipes to clogs, there are a number of factors that cause a backup. We can locate and fix them for you. Whether you need to replace a section of pipe, redo the whole system, or just have things cleaned out a bit, we can do anything you need.


In addition to our water line and sewer line repair work, we also do other plumbing and gas line work for homeowners in the region. Contact us for water softener repairs, leaky gas pipes, or problems with your toilet. We also troubleshoot and fix steam systems and water heater issues. At Mission Plumbing, we understand how important it is for your plumbing to work correctly. We take every problem seriously.

Sometimes a plumbing repair may be more expensive than purchasing a new item. If that’s the case we’ll be sure to let you know so you can save some money. We believe in honest, fair pricing and excellent customer service.

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