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Contact Mission Plumbing for assistance with bathroom remodeling work and more in Utah County. Our knowledgeable plumbers are able to do all types of remodeling work. We can even handle the layout from start to finish for you. Bathroom remodels often require repiping if you want to move toilets, sinks, or shower areas, and the planning can take a bit of skill. We’ll sit down with you and take a look at your project, make some suggestions, and give you a bid for a good price for our services.

Adding a basement bathroom can be more complicated than putting one somewhere else in your building because it may involve some underground plumbing. This can mean trenching through your concrete floor and digging a new specialized sump pit in some cases.

Let us work with you to find the right place and layout for your bathroom remodel before we get started. Our plumbers can save you time and money simply by taking a look at your plans and making a few adjustments to reduce the amount of work involved to complete your project. Contact us today to make an appointment.


Remodeling a basement can add a lot of functional square footage to your home. Commercial properties also take advantage of basement space and may require plumbing as well. We are able to help you put in plumbing for a laundry area, run pipes for a bathroom, or even just stub piping for use at a later date when you plan to do your remodel. Whether you just want a simple wet bar to have somewhere to entertain guests or are looking for a dog wash station for Fido, we can do the work.

Commercial properties may need basement space for everything from kitchen prep areas, to commercial laundry facilities, or even just to have the option of setting up a hose if needed. No matter how large or small your project, we can get you whatever you require making your job easier.


There are many different types of remodeling services we help you with when it comes to plumbing. From installing a spigot on the outside of your building at ground level to piping in cleanouts for servicing water lines or installing a new sump pump, we’ve got you covered.

Not only can we assist with bathroom remodeling work, we do kitchens as well. From running new pipes for a full remodel to a simple service such as installing a pot filler for your stove, we do it all. If you’d like to see what a particular remodeling job would cost, contact our office to request an estimate. We’ll evaluate the job and get back to you quickly with a price range so you can dial in your budget. Or if you prefer, let us know your budget and we’ll tell you what we can do to make things happen at that cost. We always try to do our best to work within your means.

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