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Mission Plumbing is your source for Utah water softeners of the highest quality in Utah County. Since we have very hard water in this part of the country, having a good water softener is extremely important. Trust us to do the installation right. Using a quality unit will help get you cleaner dishes, softer skin, and even make it easier to do your regular cleaning. There are a fair amount of water softeners to choose from and we’re happy to help you narrow down the choices depending on your unique needs and budget.

Installation of water softeners can be a difficult task, depending on a variety of factors. If the swap does not require any soldering, it may be possible for a homeowner to do it on their own. However, the process becomes complicated because it is often necessary to move pipes to accommodate the new unit. You’ll also need to shut off the water supply and understand basic plumbing components. It’s easier, safer, and saves you time and stress to leave the job to a professional. We have all the tools and fittings needed to do the job for you and we’ve installed more units than we can count! Please contact us today for assistance getting your water softener set up for use.


Our team is able to put in a new toilet for you. Even if it’s a fancy dual flush or soft-close toilet, we know how to deal with all the latest models out there. We’ll make sure they are installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. In addition, we’ll test everything and ensure it’s working properly. At the end of the installation, we’ll also remove and dispose of the old toilet for you. There’s nothing for you to do but choose the make and model. We’re glad to make some suggestions if you need help with that too! We are also capable of running all the drains and lines needed to remove waste properly. Let us make toilet installations clean and easy.

Faucet installations are another area we handle at Mission Plumbing. Whether you need a new water supply run to your bathroom or you are simply putting in a new faucet, we will take care of all the details. Our plumbers know how to secure fixtures properly and check the plumbing run to make sure everything is watertight.


Usually, water heater installations need to happen quickly because an old unit gave out and seeped water all over the place. When this happens, you’re left with no hot water in the building until a new unit goes in. We’re also able to recommend and size a hot water heater for your living space or commercial property. We can have you up and running again in no time. Plus, we will make sure that the water temperature is set to a safe level as required by code. Contact us today for fast service. We are the Utah plumbing installations experts!

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